Man Fined $270 For Breaking Lockdown To Play Pokémon Go

The quickest way to get from Bedworth to Kenilworth is along the A46 (pictured).
The quickest way to get from Bedworth to Kenilworth is along the A46 (pictured).
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Look, weren’t we only just warning people last week to be more careful playing this game in these strange and uncertain times?


The BBC reports a man in England—a nation currently in lockdown in an attempt to curb a rampant infection rate arising from a new, more contagious strain of Covid-19—has broken the country’s strict restrictions to play some Pokémon Go, and as a result has been caught and fined by local police.

The £200 (USD$270) fine was for, “contravening the requirement to not leave or be outside the place they live without a reasonable excuse,” after he admitted to police he had driven, “from his home in Bedworth to look for the characters in Kenilworth,” a trip of around 25 minutes by car.

Police say folks are only allowed outside their homes with “a reasonable excuse.” Looking for Pokémon is not a reasonable excuse.

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As an American...imagine living in a place with actual penalties for breaking lockdown. During ours last spring it was never anything more then a pretty please suggestion.