Making Friends At The Japanese Police Station

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This morning was spent in a police station. An old, dirty Osaka police station where everyone smokes — even, no especially the cops. Late last week, white paint was splattered all over my car. No clue who did it, so I called the police, who was very helpful and said I need to get the car fixed or repainted or whatever before they can start investigation. Turns out that the paint thankfully came off in the carwash, so I was only out like ten bucks. Still I told the officer that I'd bring my receipt to finish my paperwork, I headed over to the station earlier today.

And so I was talking to an officer, and of course cops kept bringing in dudes that had been tethered and cuffed into the station to talk to them about who-knows-what. There was a guy behind me, not a copy, just some guy in workman's clothes, speaking really rough Japanese to another officer. And that officer was speaking rough Japanese back at him. This guy looked late 30s and tough — though, he was also there just to file a complaint about something, I didn't catch what. The guy would break into scary Japanese, telling the cop he was wasting his time or to hurry up or whatever. Seemed like a real asshole.

I was told to wait and sit on a bench in the hallway while they finished up the paperwork. That tough guy sat down next to me and started cussing to himself and cursing the police and whatnot. Then he turned to me and asked in broken English:

"What's your name?"
(Points to himself, proud) "Kenji."


Kinda left the conversation at that, and the guy smiled at me. He had no teeth. Then the guy went off and started screaming at the cops again, and I went over to the counter and finished signing the paperwork and just as I was leaving, I passed tough guy Kenji, who turned and said to me:

"Bye bye Kenji. See you!"

Dude even waved.


Brian Ashcraft

@geekgrrl: The cop already looked at the car and took notes — so they had record of it happening. And the cop that initially came to my house pointed out that it had been splattered from behind, prolly from someone standing in the parking lot behind my apartment building's parking lot. They needed to know how much it would cost to fix it.

@Chilly Hollow: I do always try to be polite. :)