Make Your Own Papercraft Borderlands Psycho Bandit Mask

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Just in time for Halloween, Gearbox Software's Jeffrey "botman" Broome created this rather attractive papercraft Borderlands Psycho Bandit mask, and he's sharing the plans with everyone willing to take a moderate hit to their printer's ink cartridges.


It might not look all that scary on Jeffrey's head, but once you shave your head and wrap your naked arms in bloody bandages you'll be scaring children out of their candy all night long. Or you could just hang it on your wall and go without candy, but where's the fun in that?

To make the mask, you first need to grab yourself a copy of the free Peparkura Viewer (Windows only, sorry!), and then download Jeffrey's best laid plans. From there it's all up to you, though Jeff does include a few helpful instructions, like how you should cut eye holes if you want to see.


Or don't. That's just how psycho those Psycho Bandits are.

Psycho Bandit mask papercraft project [Gearbox Forums]

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Are people still seeing the Penis on the mask? I never really did until the masses pointed it out lol.

I'm still very impressed with the cover of the game, best cover yet IMO. Badass.