Minecraft players sick of emerging from the rocky depths into the dangerous, deadly night, you should maybe be doing a little less mining. That or build yourself what's essentially a Minecraft alarm clock.

This "timer project" servers as a real-world representation of Minecraft's sun, allowing players to keep track of the time of day without having to run any kind of program or use an accessory like Minecraft Canary.


The clock uses a netduino, a kind of electronics "Swiss army knife", to show players what time of day it is above ground through a series of pulsing lights. Once the light stops blinking, it's night time, and you'd best hope you're indoors by then.

It's not pretty, and a pulsing light going from white to yellow to nothing would have been classier, but still, it's a neat little tool for serious Minecraft players!

MineCraft Timer app for Netduino [xnaFan, via MAKE]

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