Make a Short Trailer Longer With a Very Detailed Look at Mario Kart 8

Yesterday GameXplain found eight minutes of stuff to discuss in the two-minute trailer introducing Punch-Out!!'s Little Mac to Super Smash Bros. Today, they offer this fine-toothed combing of the Mario Kart 8 trailer, and after a whopping 26 minutes, there is nary a nit left to pick.


GameXplain goes further than any reasonable person could be expected to in breaking down course layout, surface features and obstacle behaviors, as well as every piece of aesthetic minutiae that could possibly be identified in a single frame of video. Along with three other breakdowns of past trailers, it may be the most detailed look at Mario Kart 8 you'll get even after the game is released and reviewed.

Mario Kart 8 Analysis - Koopalings Trailer (Secrets & Hidden Details) [GameXplain on YouTube]



I made it 22 seconds before I couldn't stand this guy's voice any longer. I'll wait for the game. I can't stand listening to someone who doesn't speak clearly...