Make A Run For El Baño With Taco Bell And My Sims [Corrected]

Electronic Arts and Yum! Brands are thick as thieves. Last year we had some kind of Kentucky Madden Super Fried Smack Pack meal; this year, sibling fastfood hut Taco Bell is handing out free discs for the Sims' Wii franchise.


Correction: While it's hard to tell what version this is, it appears to be a PC game.

Kids' meal recipients may also select from one of three My Sims branded sticker cases, or a My Sims Sky Heroes activity poster. For children under three who might eat and asphyxiate on these premiums, there's some kind of Yo Gabba Gabba thing they can get.

Usefulness to us: If you want a free game, from the ad it sounds like this is the full title. Plus those tacos are tasty.

Taco Bell Kids Meals [Taco Bell]

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