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Make a Laser Out of Sort-of-Essential 360 Parts

Want to build a super cool James Bond laser that burns shit, but don't have a blue diode? Well, they cost about $50 here - nah, screw it, let's trash this $200 Xbox 360 instead.

Click to view Seriously, after watching this, I can't figure out why exactly the 360's blue diode, and not any other, is the essential part. I'm sure it has to do with power, but when this thing is available from a site they reference, and half the video is devoted to disassembling the 360 and unsoldering the diode, wouldn't it be cheaper and less time consuming to just ... oh, I see what you all did there ...


But it's nice to know that, should I ever find myself in a post-apocalyptic society where I have to improvise weapons just to survive, I'll be able to singe a Trollz' hair from 18 inches away with my own kit-bashed Xbox raygun blaster.

Laser Gun Made with Xbox 360 Parts []

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Peter Pan Complex

It is only $50. It uses the diode from HD DVD, not the console itself.