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Major Nelson Has a Gambling Problem - His Wife

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The big lure of Fable II Pub Games is that you get a two months head start to pile up gold before the game drops. The big drawback is that it's gambling, not a Pell grant, so you could wind up in the hole when the game drops Oct. 21. Larry Hyrb is - sorta.Seems the Xbox Live programming director left himself signed in and his wife got a hold of the game under his tag. He popped in the door to find her in full gambling-problem mode, which is to say distant, uncommunicative, unconcerned and four figures to the bad, on his account. He writes a humorous anecdote but it reeks of poetic license. All three games are conveniently mentioned, and the dialogue has a sort of canned soft-drink testimonial feel. And, here's the escape hatch, you can transfer your gold to your character when you get the game, but nothing says you have to transfer your debts. In fact, you'd be quite foolish to do so. Or you can just delete the gamesave and start over without paying the debt. So if you're playing this, keep all of that in mind. Still, I like the idea of Major Nelson, stubble-faced and bleary-eyed and facing a heap of flaming cards in Fortune's Tower and eventually ranting like Albert Brooks in Lost in America. "Say it! Say it! Say 'I lost the nest egg.' Go on, say it!" I am Playing the Fable II Pub Games ... but I Have a Little Problem [Xbox Live's Major Nelson]