Major Minor's Majestic March E3 Trailer

You'll probably need a refresher on this one. Major Minor's Majestic March is a Wii game currently in development at Majesco. It's being designed by Masaya Matsuura, with art duties being handled by his old Parappa buddy, artist Rodney Alan Greenblat. It plays a little like Space Channel, except you're conducting an animal marching band. Read those last two sentences over again, let them sink in for a second, and you'll see why this might be one of the quietest, yet most pleasant unveilings of the show.


Stanley Kirk Burrell

I picked up the ps2 version of Space Channel 5 a few weeks ago because I've heard so many good things about it. It was the most unpleasant and frustrating rhythm game I've ever played. The songs were way too long and the miss one note fail the whole group of notes gameplay mechanic was extremely frustrating (possibly made worse by the small delay caused by playing on an lcd tv), but the worst part of all is when I finally made it through the first stage (the mall) and got to the spaceship stage the music sounded the same as the first stage. It really makes me wonder if the only reason Space Channel 5 received so many good reviews is because of Ulala. Oh and the left, right, up, down, chu, chu, chu crap got really annoying after the first few minutes.

I'm not trying to start an argument. Just stating a perspective on the game that would've saved me from wasting my time/money on it had I heard it earlier so that others out there who may have never tried it and are interested due to all the references kotaku and other gaming sites make to the game know that it may not be quite as good as people remember.