Major League Baseball Management Sim Goes Live In March

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Sega, the publisher of the extremely popular Football Manager series, is trying its hand in baseball early next year with MLB Manager Online, fully licensed by Major League Baseball and its players association. A closed beta will begin Jan. 7.


The free-to-play browser-based game will be launched in North America, Japan and South Korea, and feature all 30 current U.S. major league clubs, plus 900 actual active players. Participants will be competing to build championship-caliber clubs with the goal of representing their nation in a "World Champions Tournament" of baseball.

Visit this link to apply for participation in the closed beta.

"Partnering with Sega to bring MLB Manager Online to baseball fans is an exciting prospect. SEGA has been successful in Europe with their Football Manager title and we hope to carry that success over to MLB Manager Online here with a solid and entertaining product." Mike Amin, director of interactive games, Internet and business partnerships with the Major League Baseball Players Association, said in a statement.


The game is scheduled for a full launch in March in the U.S., Canada, Japan and South Korea.

Sports management sims have found that video game success isn't impossible, but can be inscrutable, especially among North American gamers. Football Manager is the most notorious success of a licensed management simulation, with a following that borders on cultish. Ditto for Out Of The Park Baseball, though it lacks any association with MLB.

Yet licensed titles like NFL Head Coach and MLB Front Office Manager have been disappointments, possibly because a console audience doesn't prefer the genre. Both series have been discontinued.

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DISCUSSION games! Yay!

What's Baseball management like? Baseball is one of the few sports that I know little about. But from what I do know, I can't see there being a great deal of management involved, or at least tactical management.

With Football, there are numerous tactics as well as unique positions. So there is plenty of depth and a lot at your disposal. You tweak, observe and tweak some more. You develop players, scout and shop. There's a lot to do and 'manage'.

I mean, with Baseball, it seems that all what matters is the Pitcher and then the Batting order. The fielders and basemen need to be set up, but is there really a huge difference between the players that can fill those positions? Bar catching and throwing, what else.

Also, with the Pitcher and Batsmen, those that I assume are the most integral to your management don't really have management variables. There doesn't seem to be a great deal of tactics and strategies that can be applied.

With the likes of Football, Rugby, Ice Hockey, American Football and even Basketball (blergh...), each player has a specific role. So management and tactic become deeper. I don't see it with Baseball.

I'm not trying to belittle the sport, I'm just intrigued what a fan of Baseball actually 'manages'.