Magazine Covers That Don't Exist, But Should

Visitors to The -Minus World haven't seen any updates since being told "BRB" on April 11. Well, there's one change - B Miggs and Agent B went to GameSpy, where they cooked up this feature.

The premise - "Seven Game Magazine Covers We Wish Existed." I guess that would mean anything on the cover of the dearly departed EGM. Of the dirty half-dozen, the one for PC Gamer bullseyes its target. Of course, the final rag in this series hits a little close to home for me.


Not sure what else is going on with -Minus World. Miggs kept tipping me to funny stuff, and I hope it didn't overrun their bandwidth. Certainly with Gamespy he won't run into that trouble anymore.

Seven Video Game Magazine Covers We Wish Existed [Gamespy]

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