Madworld Trailer, Now With 100% Less Censorship

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Great Madworld trailer turned up last week. Pity, then, that the best bits - and by best bits, we of course mean the bloodiest bits - were obscured by the censor's bright yellow stickers.

Today, especially for the European market, we get a look at the uncensored version of the clip. With slicing, dicing, mulching, the works.


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"Jack ... Just Jack" sounds a lot like Marcus Fenix. This game looks great from the trailer, but is it just a fighter? I hope it's an actual game with story, puzzles, bosses, etc. Still, even a stylistic fighter with lots of over-the-top gore on the Wii is worth a purchase. Something has to give me reason to dust the controllers off (though Boom Blox would do it, but after a couple hours everything went back into storage).