For your debauched, desensitized and depraved viewing pleasure, here's uncut gameplay footage from Madworld. The stylized gorefest is entertaining - so is hearing John DiMaggio - more Bender than Fenix - say "Fuckin' A!"

DiMaggio is one of the announcers providing commentary during your black-and-white-and-red-all-over tour de brutality. In between F-bombs you can hear him express concern for future generations ("We don't want to raise a society of pussies.") But you'll have to listen closely, this thing has a driving soundtrack that, in this video anyway, sort of blows out the rest of the sound in the game.

MadWorld, House of the Dead, Punch-Out and the Conduit ... I'm not going out to buy a Wii, yet, but if I had the dough I could at least be convinced.

New MadWorld Gameplay Rocks Your EVERYTHING Off [One Last Continue]

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