Madden's Voice Out of His Real-Life Job at CBS

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Gus Johnson, who debuted as the play-by-play announcer on the Madden NFL series last year, is out as an NFL commentator at CBS, meaning the enthusiastic boothman will be working NFL games only virtually in the upcoming season.

Asked about Johnson's future with the Madden NFL series, an EA Sports spokesman said, "Gus Johnson is the play-by-play voice of Madden NFL 12. Nothing has changed."

Johnson, 43, (pictured) was brought aboard last year specifically to liven up commentary that Madden producers felt was too sedate under predecessor Tom Hammond - who incidentally called Madden NFL 09 and 10 without any full-time NFL assignment in 2008 or 2009.


Johnson had already returned to EA Sports' Tiburon studio to record more audio for the game this year, and it is simply infeasible to switch voice talent at this stage in development. Madden NFL 12 is scheduled for an Aug. 30 release.

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YESSSSS! Thank goodness. He is an evil assault on my ears every Sunday.

I like that he has passion and excitement, and he seems like a cool guy. The problem is that I'll take a boring announcer over him any day. I just don't need that kind of volume maximizing interjection for the NFL. It is already entertaining enough. All I need in insight or info that I wouldn't otherwise get by just the visual. I think he would be awesome at WWE announcing...and that's not a slam, they'd be smart to court him. He just doesn't fit, for me, with NFL football. I'm the one that should be yelling, not the CBS commentator.