Madden Needs Help With the Logos for Its Pretend NFL Teams

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Madden NFL 25 brought back franchise relocation, allowing you to keep a club's name and look in its new city or pick from two or three new nickname and uniform options. And yeah, some of those designs weren't so great. The game's fake Twitter feed would even say so.


So EA Sports is looking to the wisdom of the crowd to give renamed and relocated teams more legitimacy in the upcoming game (which I note, has not been numbered yet.) They're open to submissions for redesigned logos and uniforms, and they say they will consider new nicknames for teams and cities where they can be moved, but prefer that you work off the existing list.

All of the details for submitting a design can be seen here. You won't be paid, but you will receive a design credit in the game and, of course, a copy of it on your choice of platform.

For those wondering why the game won't simply let you make up your own name and give you a layer-editing system to make your own logo, I remind you that Madden NFL is licensed by the, well, NFL, and the NFL cares deeply about what the league's logo goes on, even virtually. I'm not sure Roger Goodell would approve my Washington Whiteskins from NCAA Football's Teambuilder. (However, you may move the Redskins to Oklahoma City and keep that name, a tastelessly ironic combination.)

I'm sure EA Sports' designers think of this stuff, too, but licensing partners, I've always said, are the mothers-in-law of video gaming and can unilaterally shoot down anything that makes them uncomfortable. For a non-sports example, see Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. So hypothetical NFL team nicknames and designs have to be done in a very controlled environment, if that environment is an NFL video game.

Anyway, go for it. And if you want to redesign the Orlando Sentinels' logo, please, please, please make it a newspaper.


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I'd also love to see a sports game that lets you use a Call of Duty esque logo creation screen.

They'd have to be heavily moderated though, or else teams like the "Tampa Bay Huge Throbbing Cocks" would be the norm.