Madden Munchies Find a Winning Flavor and Stick With It

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Following a breakout rookie year, "Stadium Nacho," the Madden NFL Dorito flavor, returns for a sophomore campaign on grocery shelves. There's free stuff in the bag, too.


"Stadium Nacho" helped right the ship with stoners after a meal deal with with Kentucky Fried Chicken turned in a Jamarcus-esque performance in 2009. Nacho overshadowed teammate "Tailgater BBQ," who also returns for another season.

Last year I had a lot of fun trashing the chips, but in all honesty, I would primarily buy Stadium Nacho even if I wasn't high. My friends and I dump on Madden Doritos because it's two big brands and that's cool to do, but deep down we agree Stadium Nacho's no joke.

It hits the strange creaminess of blurbling yellow nacho sauce, and adds in no-heat jalapeño notes to deliver what I called a virtuoso recreation of another snack food. And the chips aren't soggy, either.

Tailgater BBQ, well, as they say in Texas, el pass-o. They're basically Doritos run through the Barbecue Ruffles machine. There's no compelling reason for them other than to have a second flavor. I would have much preferred something like Overpriced Hot Dog, with notes of sauerkraut and mustard. Or Drunken Impulse Purchase at the Third Quarter Beer Cutoff of a 37-13 Viking Loss, which gives you chicken tenders slathered in chili. Think on that, Frito-Lay.


What do you get for your bag besides orange fingertips and calorie guilt? Alright, well, each bag has a code that allows you to unlock one of 32 online team-specific guides by Prima. Buy more bags, unlock more guides. You have the option to print them, too.

Additionally, if you buy a bag from Wal-Mart, you get the guide code plus a code for a free pack of Madden Ultimate Team gold cards. Buy from Target, and you get a MUT pack featuring Maurice Jones-Drew of the Jacksonville Jaguars.


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