Madden Demo Kicks Off Aug. 9; All Free Agent Moves Available at Launch

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Madden NFL 12 moved its release to the end of August but still will deliver something for fans on the second Tuesday of the month, its traditional release date for much of the decade. The Madden demo hits PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade then, and will feature the Chicago Bears against the Green Bay Packers.


That's one of the NFL's longest running rivalries and a rematch of last year's NFC championship, and it also features the Packers, the reigning Super Bowl champions. It offers five-minute quarters and adjustable skill levels but no commentary, presumably to fit it into a reasonable download.

In other news, EA Sports said via Twitter that the game's franchise modes will operate under the previous collective bargaining agreement rules, which for a video game will affect things such as franchise salary caps and rookie salary structures. The new agreement between players and owners, ending a four-month lockout earlier this week, came too late to be implemented in the game, and the logic it involves is too complex to be patched in later.


However, Madden's developers vow that a roster update will be available the day of release, Aug. 30, reflecting all of the free agent transactions expected in the coming weeks.

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There's an achievement called "Put Da Team On My Back" that's acquired by scoring a 99-yard touchdown with Greg Jennings.

No, you don't have to do it with a broken leg. Still, it's the achievement of the year.