Mac Users Will Get to Experience the Game of the Year — for 2007

Porting shop Feral Interactive has announced that they're bringing BioShock to the Mac more than two years after its original release. Mac users' immediate response was "What's a BioShock?"

I say that as a 23-year user and consumer of Mac products, too. It's no fault of Feral, they can only buy the rights to games and then build the ports, a necessarily reactive process that takes a long time start to finish. But this announcement is grimace-inducing to the core Mac gaming community, all six of us, utterly forsaken by Cupertino. Every time I go into an Apple Store and see people perusing the games section, I stare at them the way one stares at a freshman earnestly debating the quad preacher.


Where was I? Oh yeah, BioShock, for the Mac, Oct. 7. It's $49.95 in North America, £34.99 in the UK, €39.95 in Europe.

BioShock Hitting Mac Next Month [VG247]

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