Mac Gaming Became A Little Less Dead Today

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People often ask if PC gaming is dead. This is not a very sensible question. But I, a Mac owner, wonder daily if Mac gaming is alive. Look, I can play Adventure World on my Mac. And Solitaire. But, my goodness, Mac gaming sucks.


And so it was with shock and glee that I, owner of a wonderfully-light MacBook Air, saw today that The Elder Scrolls Online will be coming to PC and Mac next year.


Let me add that to my list of big, upcoming games I expect I'll be able to play on my Mac....

  • Diablo III
  • Counter-Strike: GO
  • Ummmm...that next StarCraft expansion?

I am not foolish enough to depend on my Mac for gaming. I'm a survivor of the great Nintendo 64 gaming famine. I don't need that kind of stress again. But I also don't have a great Windows gaming machine these days and am not convinced I could do any modern gaming with a partition on my newish Air.


I am simply happy that the list of big-budget Mac games I could get excited about grew by about 50% today, 33% if we're counting StarCraft II's expansion. The fact is that I prefer smaller, more indie computer games and that the computer games I'm most excited to play are things like The Witness and Antichamber (the latter of which is -gasp- coming to the Mac!).


For all the popularity of gaming on the iPhone and iPad, gaming on Macs is still about as vibrant a scene as gaming on the microwave I have at home. It's too bad. But I get it. Windows machines are way better for gaming and people actually buy Windows computers to play games. Why should I expect EA to actually make Star Wars The Old Republic on the Mac? Last time I asked, they still wouldn't say if they're doing it.

Hey, the "new" Deus Ex just came out for the Mac! It only took them eight months. 2010's BioShock 2 just hit the Mac last month! What was I saying before? Mac gaming is in a renaissance!


Someone, please send me a message on iChat when Mac gaming isn't dead. If I don't reply immediately, there's a slight chance that that's because I'll be busy playing a video game on my Mac. Yeah, right.

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From what I recall about Macs, as it has been years since I even looked at one, swapping out parts is tough/impossible to do, correct? Can you upgrade video cards?