The Elder Scrolls Online Coming Next Year

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Bethesda will release a massively multiplayer online version of its popular The Elder Scrolls series next year for PC and Mac, Game Informer reports today.


Set a millennium before the events of Bethesda's last The Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls Online will take place across all of Tamriel during a time when daedric prince Molag Bal is wreaking havoc on the realm. The game will feature three player factions and PvP combat. Presumably you'll be able to travel across the entire world of The Elder ScrollsGame Informer mentions recurring areas Elsweyr, Skyrim, and Cyrodiil as locations in the MMORPG.

"We have been working hard to create an online world in which players will be able to experience the epic Elder Scrolls universe with their friends, something fans have long said they wanted," director Matt Firor said in a press release. Firor previously worked on fantasy MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot. "It will be extremely rewarding finally to unveil what we have been developing the last several years. The entire team is committed to creating the best MMO ever made – and one that is worthy of The Elder Scrolls franchise."

This is the first project from developer ZeniMax Online Studios, which was founded in 2007.

Rumors earlier this year suggested that The Elder Scrolls Online would be unveiled this May and that Bethesda would show more about its upcoming MMO at this year's E3 gaming conference. An earlier rumor also suggested that the game's three factions are represented by a lion, a dragon, and a bird of prey.


Game Informer promises more details in its upcoming June issue, which goes on sale next week.

June Cover Revealed: The Elder Scrolls Online [Game Informer


Next year? Yeah, right. We all know damn well this game is going to be delayed. No major MMO in the history of the industry has ever launched on time, and with Bethesda's abysmal QA record, there's no way this one isn't going to get whacked with the delay-hammer at least one or two times.

That being said, the utter lack of plot and characterization in the Elder Scrolls games does make it a natural fit for the MMO format. It definitely makes more sense to make it into an MMO than any narrative-focused RPG. I still won't PLAY it, but it makes sense.