Lumines To Shine On The iPhone

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Trips to the restroom will increase exponentially in length next month, as Q Entertainment brings the musical puzzler Lumines to Apple's iPhone.

The news comes by way of 1UP, as verified by Q Entertainment producer James Mielke's Twitter page. The iPhone release will include brand new skins and music, distancing it a little from the versions already released on Xbox Live Arcade, the PlayStation Network, PSP, and PlayStation 2. The release is part of a big Lumines marketing push, which will also include price drops for Lumines Live on XBLA and Lumines Supernova on PSN.

There's also great news for those of us who can't get Genki Rockets' "Heavenly Star" out of their heads. September will also see a re-release of the Heavenly Star and Breeze packs on Xbox Live, with Q pondering porting the Genki Rockets content to the PSN version of the title as well. I don't need either version, as at this point "Heavenly Star" is the default background noise in my head.


Look for all of this Lumines stuff to hit mid to late September, early October latest.

Q Entertainment Bringing Lumines To The iPhone [1UP]

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Great news for those of you with iphones. I was wondering though, what is the proper way to say "Lumines"? Is it Loo-mines, or more like luminesce?