Ludicrous Violence: The Steam Stream Plays Carmageddon Reincarnation

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Back in the day, the original Carmageddon garnered quite a bit of controversy for its gory brand of pedestrian slaughter. Years later, it’s back. But is it good? Watch me play it below.


In addition to Carmageddon: Reincarnation, today’s stream will also include fantastic-looking Deus-Ex-inspired stealth game NEON STRUCT (aka “quietgame LOUDTITLE”), and gorgeous anti-war game Sunset.

Watch here, and feel free to click over to Twitch and jump into the chat. The more, the merrier, unless you’re an asshole.


UPDATE: The stream’s over, but you can watch a recording below. The short version? Carmageddon was zany but kinda repetitive, Neon Struct fused a Deus-Ex-style dystopia with Thief-style stealth to excellent effect, and Sunset presented a fascinating tale of wartime, class equality, and humanity from the mundane perspective of a housemaid.

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Joakim Jonsson

I wonder what the next big controversy is going to be in the style of Carmageddon? Seems like it was a while ago we had a moral panic about violance in entertaiment. Is it coming back when VR such as Oculus rift is out on the market?