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Love is a Fresh New Etna Tattoo

Illustration for article titled Love is a Fresh New Etna Tattoo

In what is quickly becoming a Valentine's Day tradition for my family, last night I hit up Psycho Tattoo in Sandy Springs, Georgia to add another role-playing icon to my growing (and until yesterday Final Fantasy-centric) party. Why are all the Prinnies running away?


Etna of Disgaea fame now resides permanently on my left forearm. She looks comfortable there. A little dark, perhaps, but the shading will fade over the next few weeks and the swelling will go down, leaving me with a perfect little Prinny mistress just waiting to wreak havoc. Then she shall be covered in hair.

Illustration for article titled Love is a Fresh New Etna Tattoo

I particularly like the fact that my artist managed to work in the skull earrings and the slight hint of blue from her Prinny-styled belt pouch. Somehow he managed to add garters to the garter-less art I bought in, but that just makes her slightly different from all the other Etna tattoos out there.

Next step: Adding an exploding undead penguin to the mix.

Hope your Valentine's Day was as eventful as mine!

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People, please. If you must have a tattoo from a video game or anime, just stick with a symbol or something simple. I personally love Full Metal Alchemist, but I only put on a red ouroboros instead of one of the characters. The same for my foxhound logo. Believe me, trying to explain your love of either medium is difficult, trying to explain why you got the tattoo is harder. That, and you should never say "she is my waifu, uguu~".