Lots of Fresh Halo 4 Footage For You To Watch

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Today's sort of a Halo 4 news day, as Microsoft unleashes the press to talk a lot more about November's big, exclusive Xbox 360 first-person-shooter.

The fresh looks began with last night's episode of GTTV. The episode is embedded below. Here are the times you want to jump to in order to see the good stuff.

  • At the start, new talk about the moody campaign.
  • At 11:00, new talk and fresh footage of the game's episodic Spartan Ops mode, which adds more solo/co-op content week by week after the game's launch.
  • At 16:30, new multiplayer talk and footage.

Want more? Here are new screenshots.


GTTV - Halo 4

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So it begins. The Microsoft Marketing Juggernaut. Will sell probably at least one or two more million games due to Microsoft's focused marketing effort. Sony can learn something from it. As long as the final product doesn't suck, this sets the expectation and give positive perceptions as well.