Lord Of The Rings Online On 360? Maybe

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Talk of Turbine's Lord of the Rings Online making the jump from PC to console has been swirling for a while now, but the buzz has picked up considerably following a recent marketing survey.


The survey, centring around a 360 version of the game, seems to take the tone that the game's already been announced, going into such detail as monthly subscription rates (hinted at being $12.99), press release-ish marketing boasts and the possible cost of downloadable content for the title.


All of which strongly suggest that the game - which would be only the second MMO on the console, after Final Fantasy XI - is all but a done deal. Turbine, however, declined to comment, leaving us wondering whether E3 might be the time/place for such business.

Lord of the Rings MMO for 360 to Potentially Debut at $12.99/month [GameDaily]

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In the immortal word(s) of Darth Vader:


I hope they keep LOTRO off the consoles. We have enough morons in-game as it is.