Turbine Talks Cross-Platform MMOs, Console DDO A Possibility

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Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach developers Turbine recently received a $40 million cash infusion from Time Warner that they announced would go in part towards expanding the platforms they support. MMORPG.com has posted an interview with Turbine CEO Jim Crowley in which he further details the company's multi-platform plans, hinting that one or both of their existing titles will be heading to game consoles in the future.


"First, he told me that Turbine is investigating the world of cross-platform games, meaning consoles. "These worlds are so rich and robust, we do want them to be shared across platforms, both for existing and future worlds," Crowley said. We should expect more details on the how and when "later on in the year". He did make a point of clarifying that Turbine will remain dedicated to the PC, but want to make sure that people who want to enjoy the games (present and future) on the console will be able to do that."


So console MMOs are definitely in the cards for the company, and judging from a job listing posted over at Joystiq this morning, both the Xbox 360 and PS3 are in the running, but which games are making the move?

Joystiq points towards the DDO community forums, where developers have announced that a popular feature, Weekly Development Activities, will be going away for a bit due to several DDO projects that are currently under tight wraps, meaning they'd be unable to post what they've been working on. The same post also states that DDO would be the subject of renewed focus from marketing and PR teams in the coming months, hinting that big news is on the way.

While this could very well mean that Dungeons & Dragons Online is heading to consoles, it is by no means definite, and does nothing to rule out Lord of the Rings Online coming to consoles as well.

From my experience with the two titles, DDO would probably translate best to a console environment, and the game could definitely use the bolstering a new community of console gamers could bring to it. LotRO, on the other hand, continues to enjoy a relatively robust player base compared to its MMO sibling, so porting it would be less of a priority, but by no means out of the question.


As Crowley mentions in the MMORPG interview, we'll know more later in the year. Hopefully we'll have all of these questions cleared up once E3 hits this July.

Turbine - CEO Jim Crowley on New Investors [MMORPG.com - Thanks Asaron!]

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