Looks Like Lego Mario's Getting His Lego Luigi

Pictures via The Brothers Brick
Pictures via The Brothers Brick
Image: Amazon China / Lego

Following last week’s firmware update that has Lego’s Super Mario figure crying out for his brother when it wakes from sleep mode, a listing briefly popped up on Amazon China for Lego set 71387, Adventures with Luigi. Looks like the Lego Super Mario line’s got a new plumber on call.


According to Lego news and review site The Brothers Brick, the Amazon China listing had the 280-piece set priced at ¥420.64 Chinese yuan, which comes out to around $60 when converted. Along with the electronic Luigi figure, which should share the same coin-collecting and interactive elements of LED-eyes Lego Mario, the set also includes what looks like a bone Goomba, a Boom Boom, and an adorable pink Yoshi.

No word on when the Luigi starter set will officially be released, but considering the cute firmware update trick Lego pulled with its electronic Mario last week, expect to hear official news soon.

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how well did this project do? It seemed like a product and playstyle that nobody asked for, and I expected it to slip into the background and be forgotten by now