Look What I Made! (My Wife Helped)

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To: Everyone
From: Luke

I know there's been GamesCom to organise, and QuakeCon to cover, and I know I'm at home doing neither, but boy have I been busy nonetheless. Probably has something to do with this little lady, who is now one week old.


Phew. What a week. These little humans are hard work!

Anyway, here's what you missed, whoever is awake, not on a plane and at a computer screen to read it...

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They are so sweet at this age, yet tiresome, as well.

My favorite memmories are of holding my son at 2am and feeding him in his room. My arms were tired from holding him for 20/30 minutes straight, and sometimes I really had to go to the bathroom. But, as much as those times were tough, they are my fondest of memories.