Link Is Silent, And Nintendo Wants To Keep It That Way

One of the enduring appeals of Link, hero of The Legend Of Zelda series, has been the fact that he's mute. You can't spoil a man's character with bad writing when he never speaks!

As technology marches onwards, though, some people may expect Link to make like the characters from other long-time mute series like Final Fantasy, and begin to speak. Well, Nintendo is having none of it.


Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma has told Nintendo Power "Personally, I don't want to have Link speak in the game. We haven't had him talk at all up to this point. It's part of the series history. It would just, to me, break the image of Link to have him speak."

Yes, he's grunted, but aside from a certain television series, has never opened his mouth. In a real Zelda game, anyways. And since, like Half-Life's Gordon Freeman, that's part of what makes him such a memorable character, let's hope that's the way it stays.

[Nintendo Power, via Destructoid]

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