Look What I Caught This Weekend!

To: Totilo
From: Bashcraft
RE: A Moral Quandary Worthy Of A BioWare Epic


Not a baby, I made the baby. The dead starfish! And by "caught", I meant walking along the Florida beach and finding a dead starfish on the shore.

My mom is from Florida, so it was nice to get away for a weekend for a short (and much needed!) vacation. Bonus points to those who can figure out which Florida beach area this is — there are visual clues in the photos. Not soooooooo difficult. But maybe it is. Who knows.

Totally forgot how much fun the beach is — you know, because I usually sit in my office and stare at the internet all day long. The beach is a good time!


Flowers are pretty, too. Sorry for sharing too much! Some game news below for your reading enjoyment.


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