A Moral Quandary Worthy Of A BioWare Epic

To: Ashcraft
From: Totilo
Re: How Long Did The Family Go Without Japanese Food?


What you need to figure out is whether there is an international food, a food that is the product of no one nation, is associated with no single flag, and feed only that food to all the little Bashes. Then you will be able to bring them to any country and feed them without fielding complaints. Deny all other cuisines! (Man, I would make such a good parent, right?)

So.. moral quandary time. Microsoft sent five envelopes to the office here in New York. One to me, one to Luke, one to AJ, one to Owen, and one to Fahey. I haven't even opened mine, but I am sure they contain holiday cards. And I am sure they are identical.



1) Send them on to everyone, missing the holidays but ensuring the corporate well-wishes are well-wished?
2) Open them all up and pretend they're all for me?
3) Chuck them?

I need to know, but I also need to know how my decision will affect my moral alignment and my ability to maintain the characters currently in my party.

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What about 4) wander around for a while and come back to it a little later?