How Long Did The Family Go Without Japanese Food?

To: Totilo
From: Ashcraft
RE: What Is This, A Movie Site?

A week, it seems! Before we arrived in Texas, all Mini-Bash talked about was being able to eat pizza and hamburgers and drink Coke. And after maybe two days of that, he started saying he wanted to drink green tea and eat Japanese food. He said he likes American food, but just NOT ALL THE TIME.

Last night he was finally able to drink green tea and eat Japanese food.

If anyone asks you if authentic Japanese food is expensive in Texas, tell them yes, yes, it is. Crazy prices for sake, too! Like 13 bucks a cup. Insanity!


Oh, what is this, some sort of food family blog?

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Since christmas is almost here i was thinking about making christmas cookies with the family but I can't decide what kinds to make. Any ideas?