LOLBox Art: You're Doing it Wrong

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1Up has a running feature on worst-ever box cover art. It's been about six months since the last installation so they drop another dozen or so for us to laugh at. Yes, Okami's watermarked box makes the list. So does the Orange Box. Remember, just because it's bad box doesn't make it a bad game. In fact, a good game triumphing over bad packaging is ... even gooder!

Some of these are so bad they look like LOLz. Utterly incongruous text over the graphics. Like someone developed a game and then they retrofit whatever art was laying around because they ran out the packaging budget. Pure Pinball? That looks more like a concept for Fox Force Five or something.

The Worst Video Game Box Covers, Part 4 [1Up]

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I seriously laughed out LOUD like 3 times in the course of reading the caption for the very last box art in that feature, the one with theBust a Move creature:

"...I'm not even touching this one.

Note to readers: When you randomly e-mail things like this, please tell me what the title is. Otherwise, I end up with a search history full of "baby dinosaur masturbate poop japan," and it's very hard to convince girlfriends that something like that was for work.

P.S. Extensive research (asking Jeremy Parish) reveals that the title is Hippatte!! Puzzle Bobble.

I assume "hippatte" means "self-pleasuring."

P.P.S. I have been told that it actually means "pull," so yeah."