Lo-Fi Chill Beats Anime Girl Now A Collectible Statue

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Image: Youtooz

The face of lo-fi chill beats music on YouTube is being turned into a 12 inch collectible statue because if you love something set it free, or in this case make a toy out of it.


Lo-fi chill beats became a thing back in the summer of 2018, with channels blowing up on YouTube that featured relaxing remixes of hip-hop and other music that was perfect background noise for studying, working, and performing all types of other desk labor. ChilldedCow was one of the most popular of these YouTube radio playlists and it featured a looping animation of a Studio Ghibli-looking anime character writing in a book at her desk next to a window while it was raining outside. Created by artist Juan Pablo Machado, the animation has a few different variants, including one on a sunny day and one late at night surrounded by the glow of LEDs. Now there’s also one that’s a 12" statue from collectible maker Youtooz, Hypebeat reports (via The Verge).

Image: Youtooz

Based on her original Youtooz, this upgraded, multiple piece figure features additional, moveable parts including her backpack, desk lamp, potted plant, as well as a multi tone cup holding scissors and writing utensils, the company writes on the product page. “A global figure for strugglers and procrastinators everywhere.”

The statue becomes available on April 2 and will set you back $120. It’s expected to ship sometime in August.


Mister Halliday

Youtoonz, for those who doesn’t know, is a company that finds popular memes made by other people and then turns them into statues without ever giving anything back to the original creators. Just FYI before you spend money on it, it will not go to support the creator you think.