Liveblogging the Bioshock: Infinite Panel at PAX 2011

Illustration for article titled Liveblogging the emBioshock: Infinite/em Panel at PAX 2011

Ken Levine, the mind behind BioShock will anchor a panel alongside Troy Baker and Courtney Draper., the two lead voice actors in BioShock Infinite, beginning momentarily at PAX 2011. Won't you join Kotaku's Stephen Totilo as he liveblogs the discussion? There's bound to be news on one of 2012's most anticipated games.


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Frosted Mini-Wheats

I wish more games would give behind the scenes details like this. It enhances my appreciation of a game when I have some idea what went into it. Now that I know that bird motion was studied when animating Songbird, I'll be looking for that. Previously I probably just would have seen a robot.