LittleBigPlanet Re-Release Includes 18 New Levels, 7 DLC Packs

Sony will charge $60 for the September 8 Game of the Year re-release of LittleBigPlanet and is adding some content and a limited-supplies-only beta invitation to justify the price.

Announced today, the new LBP will include the original game along with 18 levels created by top LBP users and commissioned by the game's development studio Media Molecule. A Sony press release for the new edition states that the 18 users making these levels have each "become an amateur video game developer" in the process.


Also included with the re-release will be seven costume and level packs that have been available for download to current owners. Sony listed each of the packs with its price on the PlayStation Network, so people can calculate the value of the deal:

Metal Gear Solid Level Pack – featuring the "Paintinator" ($5.99*)
Metal Gear Solid Costumes ($5.99*)
Monsters Costumes ($2.99*)
Monsters Pack ($3.99*)
History Costumes ($2.99*)
History Pack ($3.99*)
Animals Costumes ($2.99*)

"Limited quantities" of the GOTY edition will also contain vouchers for players to participate in the upcoming online beta for ModNation Racers, an E3 2009-debuting racing game that Sony is promoting as being part of the same Build Create Share genre as LBP.


For more info and a video of the new stuff, check out the LBP GOTY post on the official PlayStation blog.

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