LittleBigPlanet Devs Talk PSP Plans

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While the PSP has been out for quite awhile now, developers are just beginning to scratch the surface of the handheld's true potential. First SOE boss John Smedley talks PSP MMOs, and now Media Molecule co-founder Mark Healy talks about the possibilities of bringing LittleBigPlanet to Sony's portable.

"There's definitely scope for a PSP version," said Healy in an exclusive interview with ( sister site Eurogamer TV, to be broadcast next week. "We've had discussions and talks, [but] nothing concrete at the moment."


So the idea has certainly been kicked around, which is lovely indeed. What could be sweeter than a portable version of LittleBigPlanet? How about portable LittleBigPlanet utilities?

"It'd be great to make, for the people who are really into the Create side, some kind of companion products that allow you to create things while you're on the train," he said. "One thing that I'd love to add is the ability to create you're own music, for example, that you can import into the game. That seems like an obvious one to do and it'd be quite easy really."

Now these are some excellent ideas, and in my opinion exactly the sort of applications the PSP should be used for. The key lies in making the PSP a living, breathing extension of the PlayStation 3, to the point where a built-in PSP dock is a serious consideration when designing future iterations of the console. That'll be when the portable truly hits its sweet spot. LittleBigPlanet boss reveals PSP vision []


I can totally see this happening. Smart move, Sony and MM.