Little Girl Gamer Melts StarCraft's Heart

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This isn't the first time this pre-schooler's been exposed to StarCraft. The 4-year-old commentated on a StarCraft 2 match with "shooties" a few month back. But, now, she's playing.


In the latest video, "Stargirl" plays Protoss on easy A.I. She needs to make more guys and wants to click on big buildings. She likes to make colossus and experiences the biggest battle she's ever seen. All in her first match.

She wins her match and ends up wanting to play more. "Look! The red guys lost." Yes, yes they did. She totally kicked their butt out of their StarCraft.

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Interesting—the video has now been privatized.

I skipped through large chunks of it, so I didn't hear this supposedly infamous 10:30 moment in it people have been pointing out... so I wonder if the two are related. It's the only video in his collection that doesn't appear on the list.