Little Girls Make StarCraft II Sound Like SweetCraft II

You want to know how cute 4 year-old girls are? They can make Starcraft II sound adorable.

This clip, part of a fan podcast of sorts, may look like the internet's 1,114,236th home-made video about Starcraft II, but it's not. Because the interrupting exclamations of a small child make it more heart-warming than the rest.


"I see da banewings!"

"You cwicked da pylon!"

Or, my favourite, how she calls Zerg drones "shooties". It's so sweet my teeth are falling out. You don't need to watch all fifteen minutes to get the gist of things, but a few minutes' viewing can't hurt. Especially if you've had a rough day.

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She kind of sounds like a really bad anime voice over actress...