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Well, if you were hoping to fill your pockets and give your first Fable II character a healthy bank balance by exploiting the Fable II Pub Games bug you had better get in quick — Lionhead is hard at work on a patch that will put paid to your ill gotten gains.


It's not all bad news (or good news, assuming you would rather play a game without the possibility of cheating) as Lionhead's community blog has a page full of tips designed to maximize your Pub Games earning potential while staying within the rules. Their advice? "If you are wondering about a 'much talked about' exploit, just ignore it (and know that a patch is on the way)."


But as Lionhead taketh with one hand, they giveth with the other - a rather natty set of Fable II wallpapers has turned up on the official Fable II site and an update to the Fable backstory Tales Of Albion entitled The fall of the Heroes" is now live (requires Microsoft Silverlight to play).

Fable II Pub Games News Flash, Tips and Tricks! [Lionhead Community Blogs]

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