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Uh-oh. If Lionhead don't sort this out sharpish then Albion could end up suffering through its own version of the kind of economic meltdown that has lead to Zimbabwe printing a run of billion dollar notes.


The novel idea of letting players earn gold in the Fable II Pub Games on XBLA — gold that can be brought into the game to give your character a good start in life — might turn out to be a problem, now that someone has realized there is a way to game the system into paying big.


The Fortune's Tower card game can be tricked into big payouts, it seems. Find out how after the jump and get saving for extra dog biscuits now before this gets patched.

From Wired:

The game in question is the Fortune's Tower card game, and all you need to do is bet the lowest amount before you deal cards (15 chips), and then immediately hit the left bumper after you select "Deal." This will max out the bet, but the only amount taken out of your pot is the initial 15. I've been able to replicate this in all of the Fortune's Tower games I've played — you eventually unlock new tables that allow higher bets — as well as in the tournament mode. And yes, I'm racking up quite a bit of gold, thank you.

Get Rich Quick With Pub Games Glitch [Wired Game|Life]

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