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You probably missed it since you're coming down from E3 madness, but a very special game was released on Steam today. It's called Mean Streets.


Well, these days thanks to branding (the game saw the debut of the character) it's called Tex Murphy: Mean Streets, but back in 1989 when it was first released it was just known as Mean Streets.

While later Tex games have gone full-blown camp, this game wore its Blade Runner inspiration on its sleeve, from the noir influences to the design of your equipment.

Gameplay was/is split between the kind of 2D adventuring anyone who's played an old Lucasarts or Sierra game will be familiar with, but also a unique "flight sim" mode where you piloted a flying car around and even some side-scrolling combat.

It was a very cool game at the time, and as an example of tasteful 80's sci-fi in video games (not to mention unique adventure game design) is still worth a look today. It's currently $3 on Steam, which is well with "dude on website recommended this so I may as well take a look" territory.


Mean Streets [Steam]

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