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Lightning Blanka Aids Haiti

Illustration for article titled Lightning Blanka Aids Haiti

SOTA Toys is giving Street Fighter fans a chance to snag a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind Blanka statue, while providing much-needed relief to the earthquake-ravaged country of Haiti.


Behold Lightning Blanka, one of the most attractive renditions of the electrified mutant Street Fighter ever created. SOTA Toys made one of these while working on the more traditional green-skinned resin statue of Blanka, and it's been sitting around looking pretty, waiting for a cause to triumph.

Haiti is that cause. SOTA will be auctioning off the unique Lightning Blanka resin statue starting February first, with all proceeds from the auction going towards aid for the devastated country. Considering the normal version of the statue runs $99 and the generosity I've witnessed in the gaming community over the years, the auction should generate a pretty penny.


Check the SOTA Toy's website on February 1st for a link to the auction.

Illustration for article titled Lightning Blanka Aids Haiti

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Platypus Man

This is pretty awesome, but what I think would be even better is a plasma lamp shaped like Blanka, with actual electricity flowing through it.