The latest financial presentation from European video game retailer Game comes complete with lifetime European sales numbers for the current crop of consoles and handhelds. Let's take a look!

The information is presented in the form of a hardware install base chart, with data provided by GfK Chart Track and Game's own internal data, tallying the lifetime sales of each major console up to January of 2009. Taking a look at the UK numbers alone, we see that Nintendo has completely dominated the United Kingdom, with the Wii's 4.9 million topping the Xbox 360's 3.2 million and the PlayStation 3's 1.9 million. As if the Wii domination weren't enough, Nintendo's DS tops the entire list with lifetime sales of 8.8 million. What about the PlayStation 2, with 10 million units sold? It had a 4 and a half year head start, so we're disqualifying it.

So how does the rest of Europe and Australia stack up?

Well, technically we can't be sure. Game's numbers only include those European countries where Game stores are located, so only France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Czech Republic, and Australia are represented, leaving out notable countries such as Germany and Italy, who will probably launch their own sales numbers aggressively across Europe at a later date.

The limited picture we get of Europe and Australia pretty much follows the same trends as the UK numbers, with the exception of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with Sony's console showing a 300,000 console lead over the 360. Combining both totals together still has the PS3 a million behind, but it's catching up.


Here's the chart, for those of you who just skipped to the bottom of the article to see if there was a more legible version of it. Wise move.

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