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Licensed Avatar Clothing Starts Rolling Out

Illustration for article titled Licensed Avatar Clothing Starts Rolling Out

Over the weekend, Microsoft's Larry Hryb confirmed that the mysterious "Xbox 360 Beta" that a bunch of Microsoft employees were "testing" wasn't a game. Wasn't Natal. It was...licensed avatar clothing.


Here, we can see what he's talking about, as MS employee "Randy No Arms" here is fully decked out in garish Halo threads, from his cap to his kneecaps. It's an interesting look, and not one I was expecting.


When we first heard about this kind of thing, I figured that it would mean proper Halo clothing. Like, little Master Chief armour packs, or a Sgt. Johnson "Cap & Cigar" combo deal. Same goes for any other game; it just seemed logical that avatar gear licensed from a game/series would take the form of...well, digital cosplay.

Hopefully that's still coming, and this awful Hot Topic getup is exactly what it's supposed to be; a test.

[via Joystiq]

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I wouldn't get my hopes up. There's a stellar chance that by licensed attire, they really mean 'pay to wear'. you want a Halo shirt? 50 MS points please.