Xbox 360 Avatars Getting New Outfits, Props, Marketplace

Microsoft announced today that the Xbox 360 Avatars will be getting an upgrade, with new items, known as Awards and Props, coming soon to add further personalization to your New Xbox Experience character.

That includes free items, add-ons and outfits that you can win, as well as Avatar items that you can purchase from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Xbox general manager Marc Whitten showed off some of these new items, much of them placeholder, that will be coming to the Xbox 360. These included outfits based on Halo: ODST and pom-poms for your avatar.


Both are shown in action after the break.

Whitten didn't date the release of the new Xbox 360 Avatar upgrades, but did say that those won as awards and purchased through Marketplace would be launched simultaneously worldwide.

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