Alright, What, Exactly, is "Xbox 360 Beta?" [Update]

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Natal? ODST? Whatever it is, Major Nelson, Stepto and other Redmond regulars have been playing it lately. I thought it might be 1 vs. 100, but other friends show that as "Xbox 360 Dashboard."


So that's two Xbox rumors before the morning's out. I have emailed Larry to see if he wants to say anything to his adoring public about it.

Update: Major Nelson has indeed replied! Here's his clarification, verbatim:

Regarding that entry on my Gamercard, that's something we're testing as part of the next dashboard release (nope...not ready to announce a date yet!.) If you remember at E3, we announced avatar marketplace, and the ability for games to award avatar items. We're testing that infrastructure.


Xbox 360 Beta Leaderboard [Thanks Dodge Story, Carlos V. and Duncan D.]

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General McFist

Rest in Peace, Billy Mays.

Someone should make an Avatar that looks like him in tribute...with Oxi-Clean containers coming as Downloaded Content.

That would be nice...Cya, Billy