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That headline's like Beck lyrics. They're actual words, forming a complete and grammatically correct sentence, but they just make no sense. Until you remember it regards Ray Tenorio, serious Warcraft gamer, and member of the Guam Senate.


In a game-centered candidacy announcement, to GamePolitics, Tenorio said he's on the ticket led by fellow Sen. Eddie Baza Valvo. "As most everyone in WoW are eyeing level 85 in the Cataclysm expansion, waiting to take down the Lich King and still grinding heroic Ulduar," is his preamble.

Through his candidacy, he says, "we can continue to let people, voters and those in positions of authority know that gamers are the same as those who do everything from clean public parks, fight and die for democracy, conduct intricate procedures in professional careers, and, yes, even make policy."

Lieutenant governor of Guam - a U.S. territory with no voting representation in Congress - is not exactly on the top 100 list of visible political offices. But you gotta start somewhere, and if gamers get this, at least it's better than the Libertarians, who have like a county medical examiner or something as their highest elected official.

Tenorio is also known as Paleray, a level 80 Dwarf Priest in the Knights of the Marianas guild. He can be found on the Silverhand server.

Hardcore WoW Playing Senator Announces Run for Lt. Guv of Guam [GamePolitics]

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