To: Fahey From: Crecente Re: Much Respect To The Pirate King This is it. The Tokyo Game Show officially kicks off at 10:30 a.m. Thursday (Tokyo time) with a keynote by Yoichi Wada, chairman of CESA and head of Square Enix. Other pressers and keynotes include Microsoft's John Schappert and Marvelous Entertainment. There will also be a metric ton of one-on-ones, and impressions as the big show's floor opens to the press for the first time this year. Excitement is a go! Oh and as we sat, bird like on chairs in front of a tiny marble table in our room, on the 37th floor of our Shibuya hotel a slow rumble crept up through the floor and the building started to sway. Just a bit. Yeah, earthquake. Just a little nudge from the earthen Atlas wedged between Japan's two mighty tectonic plates. When I asked McWhertor if maybe we should go down, he said if that was necessary we would already be going down, rapidly, not of our own volition. Yes, that didn't make me feel any better. What you missed, besides almost plummeting to your death: Pan Pan, Pata Roco, Banjo Blade Faux Liveblogging Namco Bandai's Pre-TGS Presser Afro Samurai Dinner Theater, Minus Dinner... and Theater Namco Bandai Pre-TGS Press Conference: The Choicest Quotes Tetsuya Mizuguchi Is Making New IP Justify Your Game: Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Molyneux Begs For Non-Gamer Game Review Microsoft Has Over 140 Demo Kiosks, Buddies With Square Enix