To: Bash, Luke From: Owen Re: Drool Pillow Awaits!! Just realized I don't have a grill, so I'm off to buy one of those from Target so I can enjoy some flame-broiled flesh like a proper Labor Day observant today and tomorrow. In KFC football action, Otis5757 leads the league with a 6-1 record — he has the Patriots; SlyBriEighty7 is second at 4-1 with the Saints. Yours truly is 0-0 after lecturing everybody to complete games. I'm sorry. I intend to play at least two to four before the end of the long weekend. Also, wondering what you guys think of this. At the dayjorb, there's a 20GB PS3 sitting around, still in its box. I think it was supposed to be a grand prize in a sweepstakes drawing we never had. I've asked if I can buy it off the company's hands, as it's not doing them any good on a shelf. I'd like it because it has hardware backward compatibility with PS2 titles. Of course I'm gonna say that this is a discontinued SKU and I'm doing them a big favor by being so willing to take it off their hands. The question is, what offer do I make? Here's some of what you missed this weekend led by Brian and A.J.'s PAX 2008 coverage. Also, I'm off next weekend. My college roommate is coming in from DC for an Earthquakes-United match that was looking like a waste of a plane ticket two months ago, and now is suprisingly compelling. More Cosplay of PAX 2008 Fable 2 Hours From Gold, Molyneux Awaits Gamer Reactions Problems at PAX – Hundreds Turned Away From Fallout Papercraft Half Life D0g is Amazle The Protagonist, the Player, and the Game Designer Challenges Versus 'Learn By Death' Frustrations Man Faces 21 Years for Killing Baby Who Interrupted Game

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